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BMW 123D | Dampflok mit Ordentlich Qualm?! | by BBM Motorsport

BMW 123D | Dampflok mit Ordentlich Qualm?! | by BBM Motorsport


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BMW 123d (2009) Drifting POV Test Drive + Acceleration 0-200 km/h

This car is such a toy. For 7 l/100 km you can have fun all day long. Direct and very responsive steering, nimble chassis and RWD + Manual. Enjoy the video! BMW 1 series nowadays is not more so good as E8x generation... #BMW #123d #Autobahn

Acceleration Battle | BMW 120d vs BMW 123d | E81 vs E82 | 130 vs 150 kW | 6AT vs 6MT

This battle shows us how important weight of wheels itself really is! Meanwhile BMW 120d is on M-Performance 313 styling 19 inch superlight wheels, BMW 123d is standing also on 19 inch wheels, but on extremely (stupidly) heavy ones... Here's the result.
Same part of autobahn, same driver, different temperature (better for 123d), but as you can see.....
#Autobahn #MMAutomotive #DragRace




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